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Fiction Writing Contest

Final Prompt: Element, "Vitrified," Kat (Rating K+)
Cereal killer
Title: Vitrified
Author: Kat
Rating: K+
Words: 451
Genre: Fluff
Char/Pair: Zuko, Toph
Warnings: None.
Summary: Zuko tries his hand at earth bending.

VitrifiedCollapse )

Prompt #73: Revolt, "Lake Laogai" by Wolf's Lament
Title: Lake Laogai
Author: wolfs_lament
Rating: k
Words: 500
Genre: Gen
Characters: Zuko, Smellerbee, Longshot
Summary: A revolt is the perfect distraction for a break-in

Lake Laogai

It counts if the prompt is in the summary, right? (OK, it's not quite that bad)

PROMPT #73: Revolt, "Unconscionable" by chordatesrock, K
Sokka looking proud
Title: Unconscionable
Author: chordatesrock
Rating: G
Words: 458
Genre: AU
Char/Pair: Aang and Zuko, but not Aang/Zuko
Warning: No standard warnings apply.
Summary: This is part seven of my Zuko and Aang character swap. Part six can be found here. It was not submitted for Avatar 500.

( Unconscionable by chordatesrock )


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